Inde i Lululemon Lab, Brand’s New Concept Store

Lululemon expands its empire with a new concept store, and New York City is home to the first Stateside-location.

Kaldet Lululemon Lab, butikken fungerer som både et detailrum og en design-inkubator med udgaver med begrænset udgave, der er skabt lige inden i rummet. The first step was launched in the brand’s home city of Vancouver in 2009, and now the laboratory has finally come to USA (bonus for us athletes fanatics).

How does it differ from your average Lululemon-rum, you ask? For the first time, it’s half store and half design workshop, so you’re shopping in the front while designers are hard at work to sew your pieces in the back (half of design studio is former theory and John Varvatos designer Marcus LeBlanc).

Lululemon Lab

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I contrast to the traditional Lululemon, where apparently endless quantities of the brand are signed trousers, sold tanks and sportswear, contain merchandise within the Labs collection of functional, versatile and one-of-a-kind tailored pieces designed to address the needs of a New Yorkers pendle (og vil blive tilpasset til hver nye byes behov, de lancerer i). So it’s not so much about workout noise as it’s about easy pieces that make you come in style. Derudover er alt begrænset udgave og ikke solgt online, så du virkelig får et stykke, der er unik.

Lululemon Lab

For now, this is the only lab in the works, but here is the hope that several concept stores pop up around the rest of the country soon.

Lululemon Lab er placeret på 50 Bond Street i New York City.

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