Irina Shayk sizzles i en lille hvid bikini mens du deler et kys med kæresten Bradley Cooper på en båd

Mens Bradley Cooper og hans kæreste Irina Shayk har været på ferie i Italien, she did not divorce from hitting the waves in her signature button-bikinis (not that we blame her). After having smadret with her boyfriend while wearing a small yellow and black swimsuit, Victoria’s Secret sued supermodel in a white Minimal Animated bikini when they sailed in Maddalena.

Parret – who has been dating since April 2015 – warmed things up with a smile while they enjoy a day out on a boat before they jump into the water and slide together. Mens Shayk flauntede sin tonede figur, viste Cooper ud af hans kæste bryst og rystede et par navy svømme trunks.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Boat Lead
AKM Images / GSI Media

Shayk has no love for romantic swim with Cooper, but also for Minimal Animated Swimwear. For a couple of days she hit her head in a yellow bikini by the brand, the pool gliders and oversized black nuances while taking a dip near Italy’s Lake Garda. Før det spillede hun en sort iteration, da de brugte en anden dag ud i solen.

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It is clear that Cooper and Shayk get the most out of their romantic summer holiday, and the model lacks the lack of teeny-to-pieces for each of their swim filled excursions.