Ja, Meghan Markle og Prinsesse Diana er mere ens end du tror

If you have used yourself .01% of your time to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s love story unfold, are you aware that comparisons Princess Diana has been called quite often.

The late princess of Wales has been mentioned constant since the couple’s engagement message back in November, and hello, we are also obliged to become poetic about it too. Men there is some truth for comparison, even if you are a skeptic.

The duchess of Sussex has sandally a good deal in common with her mother-in-law, to the point where the first to draw the parallels actually was Meghan and Harry himself. They brought up their engagement interview, where Harry made it clear how close he imagined, they would be if his mother was still alive.

“Åh, de ville være tykke som tyve, uden tvivl,” sagde prins Harry. “Jeg tror, ​​at hun ville være over månen, hoppe op og ned, du kender så spændt på mig, men da ville jeg som sagt nok have been best friends-best friends with Meghan. It’s days like today when I really miss to have her around and miss to share the happy news. But you know the ring and with everything else going on, I’m sure she’s … “

“… hun er hos os,” Markle færdig.

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Hvem skal vi argumentere for? Fortunately, we do not need, as there is a lot of evidence to back up it, even without Harry’s perspective in the mix. Lad os bryde det ned.

They are humanitarian.

This is probably the most striking comparison drawn between the two royals. Prinsesse Diana was famous activism-focused. Her inheritance is a humanitarian work and loved reverence now, but in her time as a princess while she was still alive she was met with heated criticism for doing things like fighting the AIDS stigma at a time when even US President Ronald Reagan ville ikke Jeg anerkender ikke, at sygdommen eksisterede. Not everyone understood what she did, and why, but in reflection gives it all meaning.

Markle has also proved to be a lawyer, and she talks about equality between men and women, social justice and feminism. Now where she has a bigger global platform, it becomes exciting to see what she chooses to do with it.

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De er regelbrydere.

Som Markle gets hanging all this royal thing, has she made a couple of stumbles here and there. Hun har dog godt selskab. Something husker, Diana does not always hesitate to bend or bend the rules themselves.

After having chosen Prince Frederick and Prince Harry, she insisted that they usually went to school. Det kan virke som en “nej duh” flytte nu, men ifølge God rengøring, William was actually the first heir to the throne to attend a public school. Nogensinde.

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It makes Markle himself halfway down the hallway during the royal wedding, does not seem like anything.

Deres forældre er skilt.

Diana far John Spencer og hendes mor Frances Spencer splittede da Di var syv år gammel. Markle went through something like her parents, Doria Ragland and the now infamous Thomas Markle, separated when she was two years old, as she told Vanity Fair.

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“What is so incredible, you know it is that my parents split up when I was two [men] I saw them never fight. We still want to go together together. My father would come on sunday to get me away , og vi ville se Jeopardy! spise middag på tv-bakker, de tre af os, “sagde hun.” we were still so close. “

They did not date their future husbands long before they became engaged.

Harry and Meghan’s apparent whirlwind relationship drew ears from skeptics when they met only in the summer of 2016, and became engaged in November 2017. It turns out that Diana and her former Prince Charles were the same before they got married. Prinsesse Diana begyndte på danse Charles i sommeren 1980, og de var engageret i februar 1981.

Deres forlovelsesringe koordineres.

De til kongers lighed er fysisk manifesteret i forlovelsesringen, prins Harry gav Markle. Hendes ring indeholder til diamanter fra Dianas samling, med den centrale sten fra Botswana.

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De blev ikke født kongelige.

They also share this commonality with Kate Middleton. None of them were born in royalty, but everyone taught (and learned) the rebels in their own ways.

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All that has said, they have unique differences.

It is of course clear that they are not twins and it is not fair to forward them in the way for the rest of Meghan and Hars life. Differences are also there. Diana grew up in a well-known British family who had ties to queen Elizabeth from get-go. Markle, derimod, blev født i Los Angeles til en yoga instruktør og lys direktør.

Jeg modsætning til Diana havde Meghan at kjole på hendes bryllup. Markles familie did not meet the kings until days before the wedding, and her father has not yet met Harry, unlike Diana, had closer ties with the kings long before she started dancing Charles. Markle var gave og skilt, før han giftede sig med Harry. Der synes ikke at være en Camilla Parker-Bowles-lignende figur i dynamikken mellem Harry og Meghan som det var for Charles og Diana.

Men it’s good enough to keep an eye on what they have in common.