Jennifer Lawrence er “stadig behandler” hendes 2014 Nøgne Foto Hack

It’s been more than three years, and Jennifer Lawrence is still getting out of the bare photo shoot that rocked Hollywood in August 2014.

“Da hacking ting skete, it was so incredible to violate that you can not even put it in words,” Lawrence, 27, revealed in a new episode of The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Awards Chatter” podcast. “Jeg tror, ​​at jeg stadig behandler det.”

Lawrence was one of hundreds of celebrities influenced by a massive invasion of privacy that allowed hackers to steal and publish their images. “When I first found out that it had happened, my safety came to me. The minute to minute – it was almost like a solvency situation where they released new every single hour or so” Mor! stjerne mindes.

Walter McBride / FilmMagic

Lawrence explained with his signature love how he got violated, so she got public. “And I do not know, I want to be the band of the planet-like, there is not a person in the world who is not able to see these intimate pictures of me,” the Oscar winner said. “You can just be on a grill and someone can just pull them up on their phone. It was a really impossible thing to process.”

Endnu worse, she noticed, the fact that the hackers are over for little need for their crimes. “Many women were hit, and many of them approached me to sue Apple or sue [others] – and none of it would really bring me peace, nothing that would bring my naked body back to me and Nic [hendes tidligere kæreste Nicholas Hoult], den person, de var beregnet til, “tilføjede hun. “It would not bring any of it back. So I was not interested in sue everyone, I was just interested in healing.”

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In addition, at the hard women’s rights activist said that she doubted that she was worth a role model for young girls. “I think like a year and a half ago that someone said something about how I was” a good role model for girls “and I had to go into the bathroom and sob because I felt like a bedrager – I felt like: “I can not believe anyone still feels like what happened.” There are so many different things to deal with when you’ve been violated like that. “

For Lawrence, Rød Sparrow, en kommende thriller fra regissør Francis Lawrence, var et slag svar på hacking trauma. “[Filmen] var virkelig seksuel, som altid har skræmt mig,” indrømmede hun. “I’ve always been like,” Absolutely no way “- especially after what happened [with the bare hack] -” I will never do anything sexually. “Så for mig gør Rød Sparrow-I felt I got something back that was taken from me. “