Jennifer Lopez Grills Steaks i fuld lingeri – og ærligt, vi ville ikke forvente mindre

Jennifer Lopez Lead

Isabel Jones

24. maj 2018 @ 14:00
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Jennifer Lopez stjernebesatte “Dinero“Musikvideo came out on Thursday, and that’s all we could ever need from the badest and most beautiful Bronx native to the record. OK, not alt-Alex Rodriguez did not come down on a knee to present J.Lo with a diamond ring deserve his own safety feature (next video?) – but she made rep den tidligere baseball player med en bedazzled Yankees cap, so we’re willing to overlook this omission.

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Under all circumstances is the video, as expected, the definition of extra-it contains even a cameo from the singer’s credible jewel-encrusted Starbucks cup.

Bliv medlem med os, når vi fortæller videoens 5 mest over-the-top-øjeblikke: