Jimmy Fallon afslører strålende samarbejde med J.Crew-A Limited-Edition Pocket Dial

Hvad får du, når du kombinerer Jimmy Fallon, J.Crew, og en god sag? Strømpen af ​​dine drømme!

when I aften viser The host realized how many men their cell phones stood out of their pockets, he knew he had to do something. Denne måde faux pas kunne ikke stå! And then he came up with the brilliant idea of ​​combining an iPhone case with a pocket plate and taking it to J.Crew.

“My assistant and I stayed up one night after the show and glued the pocket edge to an iPhone case to make the first version,” reminds Fallon, equipped with a J.Crew package by himself. “I must have liked a person who went to [J.Crew CEO] Mickey Drexler’s office with it and pitched the idea, but I brought it to help smooth things over.”

Og hvad tænkte J.Kryg på hans skøre idé, du undrer dig over?

“We loved it and worked with Fallon to develop the limited edition Pocket Dial-because wearing your phone in your pants is so 2014,” writes the brand on the Pocket Dial product page. “Og da en lommeplade er ikke nok, skabte vi endda udskiftelige ekstra (Pocket Redial) i klassiske mønstre, der er hjemme i enhver lomme.”

As if this was not too good to be true, one hundred percent of net proceeds from both Pocket Dial and Pocket Redial will be donated to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa’s elephants from ivory and extinction.

Be still our hearts!

Se Fallons hilariske video, der introducerer The Pocket Dial nedenfor.

Pocket Dial af Jimmy Fallon er tilgængelig på jcrew.com for $ 48.

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