Justin Timberlake afslører identitet af Dancing Robot i “Filthy” Music Video

Justin Timberlake VEVO / Youtube

Det viser sig, at “Filthy” robotten fik sine bevægelser fra JT.

I denne uge udgav Justin Timberlake sin varme nye single, “Filthy”, sammen med en fantastisk musikvideo. The short film is recorded at a futuristic technological conference, where Timberlake presents a high-tech dance robot, leaving many fans wondering if Timberlake was behind the smooth motion of the robot. Now, good news: We have found the answer in the 36-year-old singers latest Instagram.

På lørdag delte Timberlake et par bag-the-scenes klip fra fremstillingen af beskidte musikvideo, og ja, han er faktisk robotten! I’m on the first video, JT gets a few moves while you have a head-to-toe-motion capture dragt, and you can see that his movements are emulated on the computer screen. It’s so cool to get an insight into how high-tech videos are made.

Making of a ��

Et indlæg delt af Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) den

Timberlake also released a video of himself who practiced robot choreography with a couple of dancers. Check these movements!

Fremstilling af en ���� @ ivankoumaev @ajharpold @mrkudelka. #Filthy ��

Et indlæg delt af Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) den

Både sangen og videoen har gjort os glade for resten af ​​Timberlakes kommende album. Man af skoven It is scheduled to be released in February, and it will be JT’s first big record for more than three years. We think it’s safe to say that the hype is genuine!