Kacey Musgraves designer ny linje af cowboy støvler lige i tid til CMA Awards

Kacey Musgraves udfører på Country Music Association Awards den 4. november, but it’s not the only great news about the Grammy-winning star of the country this week. Hun lavede lige sin første foray i mode design, lancerede en samling af kvinders cowboy støvler til Texas-baserede arv boot brand Lucchese, now available on lucchese.com. From $ 329, the line offers three styles, which allow you to score some of the songs-songwriter’s casual-cool land style for yourself.

Kicking her design career with a line of westernly inspired footwear was a step that made sense, narrator Musgraves Med stil da vi slog sammen med hende over telefonen i sidste uge. “Jeg voksede op i Texas, så cowboy støvler har altid været en stor hæfte i mit liv,” sagde hun. “I’ve slid them as long as I can remember, so I jumped at the chance to design them myself.”

The new collection contains elements of Musgrave’s personal style, including her love for classic designs with an old apple. “Jeg elsker at have vintage støvler og vintage tøj,” sagde hun. Og fra første gang, da hun besøgte Luccheses fabrik i El Paso, Texas, vidste hun, at hun skulle samarbejde med mærket. “Drømmer mulighederne, mens man kigger på alle stoffer og tråde, var så sjovt,” she said, adding that “It was amazing to see the detailed hand that goes into each pair of boots.” That’s why they are worthy investments according to the star. “De holder virkelig for evigt,” sagde hun. Musgraves går her igennem hver af de tre stilarter, hun designede til samlingen.

Den gyldne pil ($ 399)

Kacey Musgraves x Lucchese

Grammy-vindende landkroner Kacey Musgraves lavede lige sin første foray i mode design, der skabte tre stilarter af cowboy støvler til mærket Lucchese. Med metalliske detaljer, serape stof og klassisk frynse, er samlingen nu tilgængelig på lucchese.com for $ 329 og derover. See what she had to say about the design of the styles and her inspiration for each look here.

Courtesy Photo

“Denne stil er opkaldt efter min hjemby, Golden, Texas,” sagde Musgraves. “It is very influenced by the boots from the 50s, which I wear on stage and Jeg elsker på guld accenter er virkelig enkel. “Men selv stilens mindre detaljer er fyldt med mening. Not only is Booten named for Musgraves hometown, but it’s also a key to her 2014 CMA Song of the Year,” Follow your pile. “Musgraver forklarer: “The arrow is a symbol that has done so much for my career, so we put it on the side of the boot in metallic gold.” Og mens de pakker lidt glans, This style is meant to be a neutral opportunity for any occasion. “Disse går med alt,” sagde Musgraves. “They are so classic that you can dress them up or down. I would pair them with jeans or a little black dress.”

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Gallop ($ 349)

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“I’ve always been very fond of horses and riding, so that’s what inspired this boot,” said Musgraves of the high-grade training. “Jeg elsker at den har frynse ned siden, og den har en bestemt 70’ers vibe.” Plus, it’s the only boot in the collection that comes in two nuancer: bridal and dusty pink. “JEGt s perfect for autumn,”sagde musgraves.”I would wear it with thin jeans and a big sweater. “

Monterey ($ 329)

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“Dette er opkaldt efter Monterey, Mexico,” sagde Musgraves. “My girlfriend and my family are from there, so I have visited a lot. I was really inspired by the bright colors, culture, food and music.” Describes the ankle boots as “really funky” selected Musgraves to cover the shaft in serape fabric. “It looks like the print of a Mexican carpet, which I have always been really attracted to,” she said. “There has been a huge trend lately, so I wanted to include it.” Dristigheden af ​​støvlen er Musgraves foretrukne del. “Denne stil har en ung og sjov appel,” sagde hun. “I think it would look nice with a dress and tights, but I also see that it is really cute paired with a plain white tank, denim shorts and a ton of turquoise jewelry.”

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