Kan skønhedssider være feministiske? En Frøken USA dommer vejer i

Ordene “skønhedsserie” og “feminisme” går sjældent hånd i hånd. Sure, it’s easy for thousands of years to praise the world’s Kim Kardashians to own their bodies and share almost naked selfies on Instagram. Men for some reason, it feels more difficult to understand the psyche of a woman who enrolls in a competition where she is parading around at a stage, judged for how well she has a swimsuit like the whole world watches.

Although they are often criticized for being inexperienced sexist, it does not seem that the pages disappear anytime soon – even in the age of #MeToo and Time’s Up-movements. Men de organisationer, der sætter dem på, tager skridt i opdatering af nogle af de mange verdenskrig tilsyneladende arkæiske indre værker.

Tag Miss USA-konkurrencen, som flyder i aften klokken 8 ET på Fox. For the first time ever, the organization has established an all-female selection committee consisting of entrepreneurs, business leaders and industry experts (former US and cosmetics company CEO). The group works together to determine the winner of the competition and according to one of the committee members, Jeg dag Vis bidragyder og tv-personlighed Lilliana Vazquez, the turning to an entire panel is an urgent change. “If I’m dead honest, there’s something wrong with a guy who judges a woman,” she says Med stil. “Det er aldrig ked af mig. Jeg tror, ​​at hvis vi skal lave scener i en moderne måde og gøre dem relevante med det momentum, vi har bag feminisme lige nu, det er den eneste måde for noget som dette at eksistere. That’s the only way we can reflect the feelings that we all have as women about where we go and what we do. “

Liliana Vasquez
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For Vazquez, at being a part of the first female selection committee, there is a way to “influence the change in an organization that is ready to change,” she says, explaining that the entire judicial system has been restructured in the process. “Previously, there were celebrity judges for telecast who had not been involved in the preparations. The basic problem was that these people sentenced women without meeting them. They would judge them exactly as the women at home were convicted: without context or personal connection with the participants eller organisationen. “

The new selection committee takes “more of a 360 degree approach” to the judiciary, so those who ultimately crown the winner to be part of the process from the beginning. Ankommer til Shreveport, Louisiana, næsten en uge siden, the members of the committee have spent time getting to know the participants one-to-one. Den tilføjede ansigtstid allowed an “authentic approach to discover who they are as young women” as well as conversations about what works – and what not arbejde i verdenskriget. “Vi har diskuteret, om ordet” contestant “endda bør være en del af Miss USA-ordbogen,” siger Vazquez. “Jeg mener for en, at de skal kaldes delegerede.” Contestants ‘gør det lyder som dette er noget, du bare vinder, som Prisen er rigtig. I think that’s a big part of the change we want to see, have conversations about the way we prepare these women and how we talk about them. “

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It is surprising that the badetøj competition has also been the subject of debate among the selection boards. “Vi sad på aftensmad den anden nat og talte om den omstændighed, at for Miss Teen USA blev kategorien ændret fra badetøj til aktivøj,” siger Vazquez. “Jeg troede, Gud, Gud gjorde det. De er teenagere; they should be active clothes and no swimwear. And of course, there is the question of how we really feel about the swimwear competition for Miss USA? For mig er det personligt op til diskussion. Jeg tror, ​​at fysisk kondition er vigtig, og det viser også, at du er bekymret for en sund og aktiv livsstil. Men is the best way to show it on through swimwear? Jeg ved ikke. “

After asking women who will be on stage tonight, swimwear and everything they feel about it, Vazquez has discovered that the general consensus is still positive towards the beauty of beauty. “After having had talks with many of the participants here, many of them feel that the swimwear competition is [significant],” she says. “I think it’s important to have the opportunity to compete in a bikini or a single piece, and that’s a choice they’ve got.” Vazquez believes that by choice is the key, and it goes far beyond the world of sideforryllelsens. “For mig er feminismen i sidste ende en valgfrihed,” siger hun. “I get choose what I want to do, how I want to do it when I want to do it and why I want to do it. For some women, there are no beauty ideas – they are advocates in their society and activism and are a wonderful role model. Mænd til andre kvinder er det det og be in a beauty contest At support this choice is the ultimate show of feminism, though it may not be your paper jam, it’s another’s. Og jeg vil støtte det hele vejen. “

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Et indlæg delt af Lilliana Vazquez (@lillianavazquez) den

Vazquez also supports the fact that women can choose how they will present themselves to the world and she would like to challenge anyone who regards beauty and intellect to be inversely correlated. “I hate that concept, you can not be beautiful and smart,” she says. “Heldigvis, I think we have moved into a room right now where the whole world finally acknowledges that” beautiful “and” intelligent “do not exclude each other. We can be both.”

Naturally, beauty is subjective, and an elective from the whole woman has to take it into account when it comes to narrowing this year’s Miss USA finalists. “Jeg tror, ​​at women for lack of a better word judge each other in a way that is fundamentally different [than how men judge women]”, sier Vazquez. “For one thing we are so biologically different. I know how hard it is to work towards something that’s a fitness goal, while a man may not. I have a better understanding of what is required to be in this form og kampens kamp for at komme derhen. So many women in this competition talked about having problems with diet and fighting for anorexia, and the first thing I asked in their interview was: “How are you wearing a swimsuit foran USA nu? ‘ Fordi I can not imagine that it will help you. And they all said something in line with, “This is a celebration of where I am now and getting up there in a swimsuit is something I could never have done, da jeg blev forvirret af selvvold. Now I am confident and strong enough to stand up there and say that this is what I have earned through a lot of emotional and physical work. “

Udover at åbne samtaler om kropsbillede håber Vazquez at bringe mere mangfoldighed til konkurrencen. “Jeg voksede op i Fort Worth, Texas, som var stort set præget land,” siger hun. “Som en lille mexicansk og portugisisk pige jeg husker at se sideant med mine cats, and it always hit me that no one up there on the scene looked like me. It was a little bit so. Then this opportunity came to me, I would do it not only because det er et hele kvinde panel, men også fordi det er vigtigt for mig, at mangfoldighed er repræsenteret i telecast. There are so diverse groups of women among the 51 participants and often they never go through to the top 15. This was a chance for mig ved siden af ​​det, så en lille pige i Fort Worth kan sige: “Wow, that woman looks like me – she’s dark skinned, she’s from Mexico, her parents are immigrants and she does not speak English before she var 5. Disse historier ikke eksisterede for mig som en lille pige, og nu heldigvis gør. And it’s my job as a member of this introductory committee to ensure that these stories are told – far beyond the festival. “

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Et indlæg delt af Lilliana Vazquez (@lillianavazquez) den

Mens udvælgelseskomiteens endelige mål er “at redefining what it means to be Miss USA”, Vazquez remains realistic – and she does not try to make the event something that it is not. “Hør, i slutningen af ​​dagen er det en skønhedskonkurrence,” siger hun. “You have to present well, you have to be sure and you have to be proud of your appearance. But it goes far beyond that – it also gives a woman an opportunity to get a platform beyond what she for a modern Miss USA, I think at Frøken USA will not be the best job title for her career; it would be a job title, which was a massive step towards a major career in business, politics, journalism or public service , which gives them the opportunity to speak on behalf of their state and the United States. “

I end of the day hope Vazquez to change the world far beyond Miss USA. “We want more well-rounded, inclusive and varied scenes that take a more modern approach to the entire system,” she says. “I think, you will see, at the change happens on time, and I think that the participants in these adventures also have a job here in using their voices to demand and influence change. We can do it as a selection board, and the organization can obviously play a big part in it, but the women who compete for these festivals must also make it a priority. “