Katy Perrys fantastiske “E.T.” Makeup: Vil du prøve dette look?

Katy Perrys næste single “E.T.” is one of her most beautiful melodies yet, and she debuts a whole new look for the video, en med a futuristisk fuchsia alien-inspiration. The video is not out yet – we’ll tell you as soon as it’s! – mænd hun afslørede hendes nye ansigtsmaling på sin Facebook-side (ovenfor). If you are fascinated by the appearance as much as we are, lucky for us, en håndfuld kosmetikgenerier har uploade tutorials for hvordan Perrys fremmede udseende synes næsten let at opnå. Check nogle af vores favoritter ved at klikke på “Mere” nu.

[vodpod id = Video.5829181 & w = 640 & h = 383 & fv =% 26rel% 3D0% 26border% 3D0% 26]

[vodpod id = Video.5831681 & w = 640 & h = 385 & fv =% 26rel% 3D0% 26border% 3D0% 26]

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