Keira Knightley på den ene tegn en makeup artist bør ikke være tillid til

Øjenbryn over alt. I have a contrast to the pencil-thin books that were popular in recent years, the browser has been created as the most important element on a person’s face, with science to back up the facts. Som det viser sig, er browsere også afgørende for Keira Knightley når det kommer til at vælge makeup kunstner. “I was told very early that if a makeup artist tries to remove your eyebrows, it means that he or she is absolutely out of control,” the voice of an interview with InStyle UK. I regard her own set as having maintained their perfect form for years, we show that Knightley is in good company.

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Selv om hendes pande forbliver præget, kommer resten af ​​Knightleys skønhedsmetode i overensstemmelse med U.K.’s mere håndværdige holdning til hår og makeup. Smudged black liner var hun gå på for at se efter år, og hun stressede ikke hårdt over hudplejen før hun begyndte at bryde ud. Good or bad, you rarely go around New York or L.A. and see women as grumpy as in London, “she said. “I USA has always their hair and nails done, which is not very cultural in England. I’m not a slim person in any way. When I look slim, I feel like I’m pretending.” We do not all together Since she became a mother, the star could have had a little less time for the overbearing home treatments, but she still makes it a point to keep her curls and skin fading in check. “My new approach is,” Do it, you can remember, and do not worry too much, “she adds. Amen, sister.

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