Khloé Kardashian og Tristan Thompson Hit en McDonald’s Drive-Through i en Rolls Royce

Khloé Kardashian og Tristan Thompson har holdt på offentlige udflugter til mindst siden datterens fødsel. Sandt og hele den serielle snydskandale … Men i et sandt show af langsigtet coupledom ramte parret en McDonald’s drive-through i Woodland Calif. På tirsdag.

Khloe and Tristan McDonald's - Lead
Clint Brewer /

Berømtheder: They are like – ha, never mind … They made their fast food in one Rolls Royce-en $ 200.000 køretøj, der virkelig udstråler rigdom og eksklusivitet (også kardashian / NBA livsstil).

Khloe and Tristan McDonald's - Embed
Clint Brewer /

It is possible that at Khloé made the prangende pursuit to clap back on those who have reported on her recent diet and fast weight loss. On Monday, the good American meditates his feelings in a series of tweets and wrote: “I really do not like when people report, I’ve lost a huge amount of weight in a short time or when people claim that I’m doing these ridiculous diets. It really sets the wrong tone. I believe in making lifestyle changes when it comes to my food. Dieting is amazing, but dieting does not usually produce long lasting results. I also think that training is so incredibly healthy and should be done for every single person egen rytme af livet. There is no size that suits everyone when you are in health and fitness. “

Even if it’s not time to start spreading Khloé and Tristan as a performance for #CoupleGoals, seems a bougie drive-through round as a good sign? Khloé, Tristan og McDonald’s mod verden, ja?

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