Kim Kardashian Dokumenter Hendes Nylige Haircut Through Selfies

As the old word says, if you did not take a photo, it did not happen. En regel, som Kim Kardashian tog ihjel med hendes seneste frisyre. Instagram’s resident selfie queen dokumenterede sin rejse fra kilometer lange lag til en under-skulder-afgrøde den bedste måde, hun ved, og helt sikkert bygget op på forventning omkring det. Kims Twitter opdatering erklærer, at her was “officielt over” her long hair paired with her first shot (to the left), as she attached “just before I cut my hair …” led us to believe that a dramatic makeover -afsløring was on the road, especially in view of her track record for going blonde on a whim. The change ended with being smaller than expected, but nevertheless flattering, and we would certainly not have expected anything less from the star.

FOTO: Salon Inspiration: Kim Kardashian’s bedste frisør

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