Legendstjerne Emily Browning på den slemme drenges bedrageriske appel: “Du kan ikke ændre dem”

Hollywood bliver aldrig træt af gangster-film. Det seneste, Legende, Jeg teatre jeg dag kommer fra over dammen. The film tells the story of the Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie, who terrorized London in the 60s. They were eventually caught and imprisoned for life, but their story continues, and this film focuses on the nuances and complexities of the twin conditions, between firearms and bloodspots. Tom Hardy spiller begge brødre, mens Aussie-skuespilleren Emily Browning spiller Reggies kone jeg filmen Frances Shea, der fortæller. “Kan du lide at være en gangster?” She asks Reggie at a time. Nå, disse fyre gjorde.

Vi fangede op med Browning, da hun var i Toronto til premiere Legende på Toronto International Film Festival, hvor hun fortalte os på arbejde med Hardy var en “skræmmende” oplevelse. “He is so incredibly talented, and it was a little scary first,” she said. “I did not know if I should be able to stay with him, but then we learned to know each other and I saw how he is such a kind and generous person. He really really cares about what he is doing it, and it’s such a good energy to be around because it means that everybody else working around him does their game. “

Hun stoppede ikke der. Rul ned for at finde ud af, hvordan livet er, når du er gangsterens kone.

Du skildrer en rigtig person. Var det svært for dig at få det rigtigt?
“There is always pressure when playing a real person, as people knew, but there is really little information available about Frances himself. It makes it really difficult to differentiate the truth from fiction. Many of the stories are contradictory, so it’s hard to know who she really was. I did not dare too much to investigate her on her own because I felt it could have been a little confused and confusing if I tried to take everything into account. I put all my faith in director and scriptwriter, Brian Helgeland. “

Legende Emily Browning

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Som en Aussie måtte du arbejde hårdt for at opnå en stor East End-accent?
“I worked very hard with a dialect coach for a solid month before we started shooting. We wanted to sit together for hours and play footage of people with these old school East End accents. I worked a lot on vocal sounds. naturligt. I have not done the accent for a long time, and I’m not sure if I could do it right now to be honest. “

Gangster-film viser, hvor kompliceret verden kan være. Tror du, at seerne vil kunne relatere til det her i denne?
“Compared to many gangster movies, I feel like these characters are just bad guys. We are not trying to apologize for some of the things they did, but I think you’ll see another side of them too. see the good parts of them, which makes it more interesting and much more realistic. We do not put these people on a pedestal. You see the damage they cause to many people around them. Many great scenes in the movie, but in the last I do not think anyone thinks that these guys are so amazing, I want to be like them. You can see the destruction that is left in their wake and it’s much more realistic telling the story. “

It is clear that your character has a complicated marriage.
“I think absolutely not, at that’s what you want from a marriage, they had a very short time, they were only married for eight weeks, I think. It doubts you about the bad drengs apple. For Frances, she would have something else from life, she had been told to stay with and be a wife and marry someone with a good solid job and have babies and she did not want it. She wanted something more exciting and interesting. filmen, at hun ville gøre noget for at komme ud af East End. She saw something in Reggie, that was exciting and glamorous and maybe a getaway from the boring life she led. Because of the starred feeling she was able to blind her eyes to volden og den mørkere side af verden, de var i. “

It can happen in life – a point where you are not aware that your partner is as you thought they were.
She is definitely in the relationship, hoping she can ignore certain parts of him and possibly even change parts of him. Then it becomes quite clear to her that he will always be a gangster, he will always put sit close to his brother over everything else and he will never leave that world. It’s their demise. No matter how much you love someone, you can not change these inherent facts about them. “

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It may therefore be that so many people say that men do not change.
“Kunne være sandt. Jeg har ingen kommentar.”

Se en trailer til filmen nedenfor.



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