Læs Chelsea Handler og Mary McCormacks inspirerende tale fra Women’s March at Sundance

Women’s March in Washington may have been the greatest mass demonstration after a presidential initiation in national history, but those who could not issue it to the Capitol were not idiotic. Over hele verden tog folk på gaden for at expressing their message about equal rights to the new administration – and it includes celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Chelsea Handler, som ledede marts, leverede dagens hovedtal til en gruppe på 8.000 plus mennesker sammen med sin bedste ven, skuespiller Mary McCormack. Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, John Legend og Connie Britton braved også sneen for at støtte årsagen, mange af dem klædt i lyserød bæger og entusiastiske vinkende tegn. ICYMI, we have the full transcript of Handler and McCormack’s fluent speech. 

“Today we are all together in solidarity with our sisters and our brothers marching in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and hundreds of cities around the world on seven continents,” said Handler..

“Og før nogen kritiserer os for at have en march ved Sundance og for kun at gå fire blokke, husk at vi er på 7.000 fod, så det er som at marchere 12 blokke i Washington”, tilføjede McCormack. 

“We are all here for the same reason today: To stand with hundreds of thousands of women to demonstrate respect for our freedom, human rights, safety and health, otherwise known as” Things we thought we had finished marching for, but apparently Vi er ikke, “sagde Handler.

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“I løbet af de sidste par måneder har mange af os følt rystet og demoraliseret,” sagde McCormack. “This time last year we felt we were on our way to achieving gender equality. People talked openly about campus security for women, wage gap, sexual harassment. We were all excited for the crescendo of this movement to be the choice of den første kvindelige præsident. ” 

“Og det skete ikke,” sagde Handler. “The only thing you can do when you’re left is to go ahead and continue to fight and use your voice. And that struggle consists of an institution that is synonymous with health and safety for millions of women across the country: planned motherhood. “

“It’s an institution that has always had its backs and now it’s threatened and attacked, it needs our support more than ever,” said McCormack..

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“And first, let’s begin by clearing up for the misunderstandings about the services that Planned Parenthood offers,” said Handler. “For the one is planned modership not only for women, it’s also for men. And it’s not all abortions – in fact, it’s actually not abort. Scheduled motherhood provides safe and affordable health care for two and a half million people a year. Til og en halv million. De leverer tjenester som test og behandling af STD’er, prævention og familieplanlægning, brystprøver og cervical cancer screenings. ” 

“Planlagt forældremyndighed repræsenterer også et sikkert sted – et sted hvor du kan gå for ikke at føle dig alene og ikke blive dømt, et sted hvor du kan gå, når du ikke har andre steder at gå”, sagde McCormack. 

“So if you object to the work done by Planned Parenthood, then we protest against your objection,” said Handler.

“Men vi bønner insigterne: Please do your homework, because if you do, we think you will realize that congress to defend this important institution would be a huge mistake that will have far-reaching consequences,” said McCormack.

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“And when people talk about doing your homework, there are many people who benefit from their benefits under the overall care plan, but are desperate to lift Obamacare,” said Handler. “So just to clarify, they are the same. Obamacare is the economic care law, and the affordable care law is the case Obamacare.” 

“Nu hvor vi har ryddet op, tilbage til planlagt moderskab i et sekund,” sagde McCormack. “Many of us have sought their services at one point or another in our lives, but even if you do not have it, you have a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbor who has. As women it is our responsibility to support each other to ensure that this organization is around for the millions who trust it. ” 

“Og hvis der er en silverforing, der skal findes i forbindelse med denne tidligere valg, er det åbnet vores øjne for det arbejde, der stadig skal gøres,” sagde Handler. “And if you had what? If the election had gone the other way we might have grown complacent. Maybe we would have thought:” We did it! Vi skød gennem det glasloft! “So the reason we need before the election is happening now. Something happens and I feel it.”

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kærlighed not hate
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“Vi har vågnet op,” sagde McCormack. “What happened did not just open our eyes, it struck us over the face, and now we are awake. We are more galvanized, more focused and more motivated to fight.”

“So if you feel hopeless, or if you feel rejected, take a look around – you’re not alone,” said Handler. “You’re not alone, do not hope. Get your hope, I give you hope. Let’s all give each other hope and keep together.”

“Der sker en bevægelse, og samlinger som dette er kun begyndelsen,” sagde McCormack. “We need to exploit the moment as a possibility, not a setback. The people who oppose women’s rights have become harder, so it’s time for us to get better with them. And if we admit and allow our land at bevæge sig baglæns These fundamental rights, what other freedoms will they take from us? What’s next? “

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“Dette er ikke 1917, det er 2017,” sagde Handler. “We must not fight for progress that we have already made but we are ready. It is our duty to take care of the next generation and ensure that our children have the same access to essential services as we all did. And it comes from someone who does not even have a child. But as a responsible citizen, I know we have an obligation to protect everyone’s children. “

“Jeg vil gerne give dig et citat fra Eleanor Roosevelt,” sagde McCormack. “En kvinde er som en tepose. You never know how strong it is before you put it in hot water.” 

Handler sagde: “Hvem vidste, at vi var den nye tefest?” 

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