Meghan Markle og Prince Harry Talk Familieudfordringer med prins William og Kate Middleton

Even if the royal family (or at least the fab fire) does work together, seems quite seamless, they are the first to admit that cooperation on their mental health campaign has its challenges.

Prins Harry, bror-til-være Meghan Markle, prins William og hertuginden Kate Middleton lavede deres første officielle kongelige udseende sammen onsdag morgen under Royal Foundation Forum i London.

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Kate stolt flauntede hendes baby bump i en perlehals knælængde seraphine fødselsdragt kjole med en empire talje, mens Markle valgte en trendy marineblå Jason Wu wrap kjole. Prins Harry havde en skifer grå kostume med åben krave, mens hans ældre bror valgte en dyb marinerdragt og sweater kombination.

Chris Jackson / Getty
Chris Jackson / Getty

In their conversation on mental health and their goals for their Heads Together, the obvious subject for family dynamics emerged in the foreground.

On the question of whether they have discrepancies, Prince William slammed a heartfelt laugh: “Oh yes …” he said and bent laughter from the audience (and Meghan Markle).

“Sund uenigheder,” Harry chimerede jeg. “I think it’s really good that we have four personalities and we all have the same passion that will make a difference – but different opinions. And I think these opinions work really well.”

“At work som familie har sine udfordringer,” fortsatte han, “det gør det selvfølgelig. At everybody was laughing means that everyone knows exactly how it is. We are stuck together for the rest of our lives, so … “

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“Samvær jeg det yderste,” skreg Markle. “Gudskelov, there are so different personalities and that everyone is very communicative, because that’s how you really can see bigger changes. If everyone thought the same way, how do you push the envelope? How do you go through another mindset “Change of mind and all that is part of this communication, as we always have. So I think that they have had so much success with Heads Together and whatever we end up working with.”

Markle also affected women’s rights during the discussion and took on Time’s Up and #MeToo movements. “I hear many people who speak of girls ‘power and women’s empowerment-you want to hear people say they help women find their voices,” she said. “I’m fundamentally disagree with it because women do not have to find their voices, they must have the power to use it and people should be encouraged to listen.”

“There are so many campaigns like me for time there is no better time to continue shining light on women who feel empowered and people who support them,” continued she. 

Markles omtale af bevægelserne er interessante i betragtning af den seneste tilbageslag Middleton stands over when she arrived at BAFTA Awards in a deep green dress – as with Golden Globes, wearing black for the award ceremony, marked with a show of solidarity with Time’s Up- bevægelsen. 

Royals are generally afskåret fra taking sides in political issues. Alligevel blev mange forkælet af Kates beslutning. 

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