Meghan Markle ramte en problematisk snag under hendes første nogensinde kongelige tale

Ved at tale er et af Meghan Markles ekspertområder. Her career as an actress demanded her to speak in front of the audience, she spoke in front of the UN, and according to herself she planned to break from the British royal tradition and say a few words on her own wedding, but all this did not mean her first royal speech gik perfekt som planlagt.

Selv med alle verdens prep, ramte Markere en lille ubehagelig snag, mens hun leverede sin første officielle kongelige tale på Endeavour Fund Awards. Both her and Prince Harry were there to present honors at night and while his speech went smoothly, she ran into a roadblock.

Meghan Markle
Ben Stansall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Samtidig med at præsentere natets anden ære, udgjorde Markle Excellence Award til Royal Marine Veteran Daniel Claricoates Markle stærkt.

“Mange tak. I’m really privileged to be here,” she said.

Sadly, things went from the script when she handed over the microphone to her partner, who was so confused as he turned through the speech papers while trying to find his place. Much to her credit, instead of just watching, Markle became involved and helped him sort through the script as the audience waited for giggling.

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Fortunately they finally found their feet and the rest of it went without a hitch.

Markle handled the situation with a king’s grace and poise, which really is not so surprising.

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