Miley Cyrus får nøgne på omslaget til papirbladet for en god årsag

Miley Cyrus har været i rampelyset i nogen tid, og nu bruger den 22-årige sin fame for at fremme en god sag. Cyrus is the last celebrity to reach the cover of Papir magazine sans tøj (husk Kim Kardashian?), and sangeren sat down with the magazine to talk about subjects that are important for her veganism and her new philanthropic organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation. 

Cyrus became a veganer about a year ago, after she became flood, and she decided to give up with animal products entirely. Never to turn away from expressing its opinions, the star himself has taken Instagram to share her plant-based meals and send images along with caption as: “So many good plants / fruits / vegetables to eat, you’re not gotta eat død dyr! ” (under). 

The luxurious life of a vegetarian in LA … So many good plants / fruits / vegetables to eat you are not allowed to eat dead animals! Alt der går ind i min krop er aliiiiivvvve! At holde mig, jeg lever! Elske dette liv!

Et billede indsendt af Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) på

Men’s rights are not the only questions Miley talks about – the singer also aims to throw light over the LGBT youth situation through her Happy Hippie Foundation. “We can not keep an eye on these children late,” she says in the magazine. Go to to read her full profile and see the provocative pictures.

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