North West og Reign Disick er bedårende i Kardashian Christmas Kountdown

På den tredje dag i julen gav Kim Kardashian West dig … smukke billeder af Nordvest og regne Disick!

I what very well could be a new holiday tradition, Kim Kardashian has released a picture of a family member a day in his “25 Days of Christmas” countdown. The first day there was a sweet picture of Saint West standing among brown paper wrapped gifts, and the next two days also highlighted the family insane sweet children!

På lørdag, bl.a. dag 2 i Kardashian Christmas, blev det 4-årige nordvests portræt frigivet, and it’s as little as aww-inducing as you would expect. In the picture, little north looks at what seems to be her mother so her long curly hair falls down on her back. On the other side of the picture is a set of absent kourtney, it’s you?

Then on Sunday there was a picture of Kourtney Kardashian’s 2 year old son, Reign, whose long blonde hair falls adorably in his face.

From the appearance of things, all of these images are collected together to form this year’s Kardashian Christmas card. Of course, this fans think Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian want to announce their pregnancies in their portraits, which would be super sweet.

Men we may need to wait another 20 days to find out – you know that they will save these pictures to the end!

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