På Obama Vacation var endnu bedre end du troede, siger Tom Hanks

Oprah Winfrey har været mor om hendes yacht ferie med Obama, men Tom Hanks er ikke så hemmeligt. På den Late Show med Stephen Colbert I have spilled a lot of juicy details about “off the scale” trip, officially breaking up “what’s going on on the boat, getting on the boat’s policy”.

Earlier in April, the Internet learned that Hanks, Winfrey, Michelle and Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen vacationed on billionaire David Geffen’s 450-foot yacht. There is an A list amount if there ever was one! Winfrey has kept silent when he was pushed for details about the epic escape, but Hanks was more than happy to share some memories from the group’s trip.

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Jeg et interview med Stephen Colbert i aften, afslørede Hanks ferien var endnu mere episk, som du ville tro.

“Forestil dig, hvordan det kunne have været som det, [og] tredobbelt det,” sagde Hanks. “Det var uden for scenen fantastisk.”

Den 60-årige Sully The star also told a funny story about when the group decided to ride: “We go on land and a number of bikes have been bought for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti and Bora Bora. They all come! bang bang, bang, bang, alle får på deres cykler og tager afsted. “

“I’ll tell you right now, there were some good bikes there,” said Hanks. “There were some fine and dandy cyclists. And there was a piece of junk, hunk-of-junk-bicycle. Who do you think are you a piece of junk, scary bike?”

Uheldig, Hanks forklarede, at he sat fast with “an underground pike bike” while everyone else was riding new bicycles. Se hele interviewet nedenfor – det er sjovt!

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If we were not already jaloux on this epic trip, we are now!

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