Prada sælger en $ 185 papirklip og internettet taber det

What is silver, shaped like a paper clip and worth about as much as a month with groceries? En Prada paperclip, selvfølgelig! For $ 185 kan du punkere verden ved at tillade dem at tro på, at du ejer en almindelig papirclip, when it’s really designer and costs about 1000 times the price of the right thing-funny, right?

For you are just the paperclip technically and money-if you have enough money to cover almost $ 200 for a money clip, you probably need a.

No matter what the apparent ridicule of this subject is not lost, yes, all. Twitter user responses were pure gold (there sterling silver) roll down below to bask in the shadow thrown off the internet’s best and clearest:



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All hagler consumers who have paid for this overpriced paperclip-you must stay wonderfully extra.

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