Rashida Jones Talks #InnerStyle, og hvorfor Amy Poehler er hendes “Udvalgte Familie”

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I our self-conscious world, we are constantly thinking about how we present ourselves to social media. How you stay focused on being true to yourself?
I try to keep my inner dialogue centered on the positive things happening in my life rather than what other people think of me or how I look.

Fighting with how you were perceived to grow up?
I had a lot of fear, especially about boys. I was sensitive, so when the guys drilled me, I thought that very personally. If I could talk to my 15-year-old myself, I would explain that when it comes to self-esteem, there is nothing that a significant other can give you that you can not give yourself. It takes a long time – I’m almost 40, and I just understand it now.

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Som voksen, you still have days where you do not feel confident?
Naturally. Ingen stirrer jeg spejlet hver morgen og tænker, Wow, I’m so happy for this face. I certainly have insecurity about aging because I’m not the type of person who will inject something in her face or have surgery for to remain youthful.

How do you counter these feelings of uncertainty?
Ved at omringe mig selv med gode venner. I work in a competitive business where money is the main driver of many people, so instead of getting caught in it, I try to connect with people sharing my values. Amy Poehler and I have been friends longer than we have worked together, and we always say that we are “chosen family”. We have our own language, which makes it easy to catch up; selv når vi er meget optaget, kan vi komme hurtigt på omkring fire sms’er.

Du og Amy er begge pige chefer i din egen ret. Føler du pressearbejde i medieklima, where women are sometimes underrepresented?
I have never got to feel that being a woman was a handicap. I am very proud of my femininity, and I find strength in being surrounded by ladies. I grew up with sisters – our age range spans over 40 years. So I lived with a very diverse group of personalities, and we therefore formed a very close obligation.

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Du arbejder på scriptet for Toy Story 4 og hovedrollen i den nye TBS-serie Angie Tribeca. Hvordan balancerer du det hele?
I am very grateful that I have a lot to do, but I tend to exceed myself. I have learned that I will say no to some options, otherwise I will collapse. We live in a capitalist country, and the goal is to have as much as possible, but it makes me feel manic.

Hvad mener du for din største styrke?
I can be dropped in a room and talk to almost everyone. I love the idea of ​​being in a place where people can seem stiff or snooty and try to break them a little.

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If you could tell young girls everywhere, what would it be?
You are complex and you are multidimensional. Jo før du begynder at omfavne det, jo hurtigere bliver du ok med dig selv.

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