#RocksMyWorld: Eksklusive detaljer På Lady Gagas Engagement Ring fra Designer, der lavede det

Lady Gaga ignited the internet yesterday the other, she grammatized her big heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from long-timed Taylor Kinney. Afventer nuptials blev tydeligt bekræftet med den søde billedtekst “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day and I said YES!” The question, there was back about the now famous picture, where, who created the beautiful ring? Med stil can confirm there was no other than the famous jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. The designer, who is responsible for several sensational celebrity engagement rings, including Beyoncés and Kim Kardashian, wants to let the couple be the first to reveal the ring’s full details, but she told Med stil udelukkende “the stones are big and pretty beautiful and actually more expensive than some of the estimates I’ve read.” Although she refused to reveal how big or how much it’s worth, Schwartz added. “It’s a challenge to get an excellent heart shape with perfection – the gemstone shoulders should be completely symmetrical; Lady Gaga is all that.” We can not wait to hear more about it.

FOTO: Lady Gaga mest gaga ser nogensinde!

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