Salon Etiquette: Skal du give din frisør en ferie gave?

When we make our holiday gifts and check them twice, we often wonder if our hairdresser should be among the recipients. When everything comes to everything, we tend to wipe out our hearts and souls for them, blur the lines between a stylist, therapist and best friend. “We see our customers every six weeks, and we go together together,” says Fr. Kenna, founder and owner of Kennaland Hair Studios in Brooklyn and London. “We see them going for weddings, funerals, and having these other life experiences while helping them with their hair throughout this.” Alligevel ligner reglerne for samtale, der gælder for gifting, afhænger af hvor tæt de to er. Selvfølgelig bør du ikke føle dig forpligtet til at give din frisør en gave, men hvis du har en meget venlig forhold og kender meget til dem er noget ekstra, der ikke er alt for dyrt, altid en god gestus.

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“I’m a whiskey drinker, so I find that many of my customers will bring me a bottle of whiskey for Christmas, which is always appreciated and I’ve had a stylist give me a hat before, since I always wear a hat , “han siger. “I know, at gift cards are popular and we have a couple of clients in the beauty and fashion industry, who may work on acne or somewhere and they want to bring something from the store.” Mænd under alle omstændigheder må du ikke stresse gaven. If you and your hairdresser come to the point, but not completely there is even a holiday card with a little extra tip on top of the standard 20 to 25 percent just fine. “Ærligt, folk have so much stress about the holiday, thinking about what to give your hairdresser should not add to it or make things difficult,” Kenna laughs and laughs. “We do not expect anything. What we really want is to make our customers happy, see them before Christmas and drink a drink with us to be in the spirit really.” We get a glass of jubilee to it.