Sandra Bullock arbejder en stump Bob på sæt af nye Thriller Flick

It looks like Sandra Bullock has killed her signature long hair to shorter, clever locks to handle the drama of a post-apocalyptic world. It’s unclear if she has cut her hair for real or if it’s a wig, but if it’s not permanent it’s all for her.

Oscar-vinderen viste den nye udseende på sætningen af ​​hendes kommende Netflix-film, Bird Box, Jeg Los Angeles torsdag da hun gik ud med at rocke en lang, lyseblå vinterjakke over en mønstret blå bluse. Hun afsluttede udseendet med teksturerede brune støvletter og beskårne skinny jeans.

Sandra Bullock New Hair

Mens Bullock looked as if she was about to go out for a day in the city, the movie was a scene that encouraged her and her co-stars to evacuate their neighborhood. The film, which is set in the near future, follows a mother (Bullock) and her two young children, who are among “a small group of survivors, after a stranger drove the world’s population to deadly violence”, according to Hollywood Reporter.

UNDERRÅDET: Sandra Bullock har givet $ 6 millioner til katastrofehjælp

The trio must make their way through a terrifying trip-20 miles on a rowboat, while the binderfold-bases itself on nothing more than their instincts.

Foruden Bullock, vil Sarah Paulson, Trevant Rhodes og John Malkovich også optræde i filmen.

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