Sådan fjerner du blackheads på din næse – og forhindrer dem i at komme tilbage

Vi har allerede copped til at nyde den lejlighedsvise blackhead. Mænd de små sorte prikker, der ubarmhjertigt har dækket vores næser siden gymnasiet? There is another story.

Så hvad gør næsens primære ejendom til stædige pletter? “Most of the time can be the oiliest area of ​​the face, and overproduction of oils causes skinworms,” ​​says Zara Mohsin, skin care expert at Wink Brow Bar in N.Y.C. “Når du begynder på fjern svedeteknerne, you can get a deterrent effect and you keep getting more and more if you wrongly remove or choose them. Therefore, it’s important to do it the right way.”

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While we are all here to experiment, this is a removal process, as Mohsin says should be left to a professional, otherwise you may spread bacteria and expand the pores. When you have visited an appetizer for a facial treatment, the maintenance (and will-power) key. Her is what she recommend at lave hjemme: “Take a wet warm towel and put it on your nose for a couple of minutes. Then take the side of a metal stick and drive it towards the sides of the nose, be careful not to push too hard eller kast dig selv, “siger hun. “Do it as a routine, so they are not formed. Always use a toner on top to tighten the pores.”

Citronsaft, et naturligt antiseptisk middel, er en anden blackhead-middel, som hun sværger ved. You just have to press some on a cotton pad and rub it on your nose and other areas of the face as needed.

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