Se Eva Mendes Arbejde Hendes Kamera Vinkler Som En Pro i Hendes Nye Estee Lauder Kampagne

In contrast to some of us just deadly, Eva Mendes is one of the flawless people, whom we never imagine, to struggle to find the right self-esteem. Of course, she has her staremetik to thank, but the star also receives a little help from Estee Lauder’s New Dimension range, which promises greater lifting and attaching action to produce the natural contours of your face. With an inner exit mode, the lineup provides for potent serum, which gives an instantaneous elevated effect to areas that need a serious pick-up, as well as sculpture palettes for both face and eyes. We have never expected that contourtrenden extends entirely to our skin care regime, but if it can help us achieve Mendes glowing skin designs, you must sign up. Click on the play button above to see her amazing ad in full, so check out Estee Lauder’s New Dimension lineup at now. 

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