Selena Gomez hæder Manden bag hendes Stellar Makeup med en rørende tale

Selena Gomez is one of the brightest stars in the world, but she’s about shining the light on others by giving credit where credit is due. And then it’s not surprising that this is exactly how she spent her Monday night.

Sangeren deltog i Med stil Præmier 2017 for at præsentere makeup-artist Hung Vanngo med en pris for Årets Makeup-kunstner, og hvad hun måtte sige om Vanngo’s passion og venlighed virkelig ramte en akkord.

Selena Gomez
Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

“I thought that sometimes it’s hard to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and being passionate about it,” Gomez said in a speech. “He does not notice the details of what he does with anyone, but he cares about how they feel and how they wear it, and he works so hard to be on time worrying about what others feel, what other people do, and if everyone is in the same team, and I just think it’s really really special. “

Gomez og Vannago have collected many times on makeup look for singer, so she had his gift as his price was the perfect fit.

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“He’s extremely alive, he’s funny, he’s funny and he cares a lot about me and many people in this room, so I’m out of honor to give you this prize Hung,” she said. “You deserve it, you’ve worked so hard, and you’re definitely Makeup Artist of the Year.”

For hans del var Vanngo ret taknemmelig for Gomezs hyggelige ord. When he thanked important people in his life, he made sure to tip his hat to Gomez specifically.

“Og vigtigst af alt, damen, der har givet mig en chance for at lege med hendes ansigt og male ansigtet og uden at give mig den chance, I would not be here today,” he said.