Selena Gomez indrømmer, at her beautiful hair is “very false”

Selena Gomez can be Pantene, but it does not mean, at her beautiful tresser’s au naturel. Jeg et interview med YouTube-stjernen Lilly Singh earlier this week, the star acknowledged that she had a little help in the hop division.

Efter Singh asked the 23-year-old singer to pull her locks to confirm that they were real (as Gomez was obliged), the singer laughed and hit the long threads on her own head and said, “However, mine are very fake . “Tal om nogle rigtig gode udvidelser.

During her stay Gomez also revealed a lot of other interesting facts about herself, including her favorite Taylor Swift songs are “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dreams”, på hendes yndlingslige emoji er hjertet, og på hendes yndlingssang er slukket hendes nye album Revival er “Kill Em With Kindness.”

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Virkelig eller falsk, vi vil sige Gomez hår er stadig værd for en skønhedskampagne. Se hele interviewet herunder.

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