Sephora tilbyder penge tilbage i dag

Vi er sikre på, at du kender indkøbene til Kohl’s Cash nu, men vidste du, at Sephora også har en privat tilbagekøbsspecial? Probably not because it’s only happening today, but it’s a one-day event, you’re definitely going to join. 

Sephora har slået sig sammen med RetailMeNot for at tilbyde kunderne $ 15 kontant tilbage ved køb af $ 30 eller mere på This is only an online deal, so do your personality first and then the head of your computer because it expires at 23:59 EST on June 25th. 

So how does it work? RetailMeNot created detailed instructions, but here are a few things we think worth pointing out. You must meet the minimum amount of $ 30 before tax and shipping, and you must go to from RetailMeNot to complete the purchase. If you meet all requirements, you can receive your $ 15 cash back from your RetailMeNot wallet 15-20 days after your purchase. This is not an instant saving, and you must be sure to follow the site’s specific directions to qualify. 

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Det er ret nemt at bruge $ 30 på Sephora, and at least half of the money back on beauty products is seriously uncommon. So if you still need a new mascara tube or you’re itching to try the new matte foundation, all your friends talk about it’s time now.