Søger du den perfekte strand taske? Vi fandt 10!

Even so rainy days are set to fill this week’s prognosis here in New York, the summer is on its way – and we can not wait to change our umbrella to a beautiful beach bag. This season, the offers are as fun and legendary as ever. Halmtotoer er pyntet med valmuefarver, tegnet med pom-poms og drypper med kvaster. Overall, the look is very festive, like Caffe-style above ($ 325; revolveclothing.com). There are brands that really own this category, such as Sensi Studio and Mar Y Sol, and others that look like a cheaper price, like the fast fashion retailer Topshop. If stilen feels for light and colorful to your taste, you know this is the place you should have fun with – think of it as the party bag you want to spend for holidays, weekend breaks and day trips to the beach. Læs videre for at shoppe vores yndlings festlige strandposer! 

Strand tasker

Maxi tassle woven toquilla straw tote
Pomecita straw tote
Medium capriccioli tote bag
Riviera fringe tote
siciliansk basket tote
Embellished Stitch Tote
Stribet straw bag
Ibiza tote
marokkansk market bag
Pom Pom straw tote

FOTO: Din Ultimate Sunglasses Guide: 100 Dages Sommer Sunnies

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