Sharon Stone forsvarer James Franco mod seksuelle overgreb

Earlier this year, James Franco was charged with sexual abuse of more women, and since he claimed the allegations of the calendar and participated in the SAG Awards, he kept a low profile. Mænd nu hans Katastrofe kunstner co-star Sharon Stone taler ud i hans favør.

Mænd for nylig talte på podcast WTF med Marc Maron, Stone skitserede hendes syn på Franco. “I’m shocked by this thing about him, happening, how sweetheart-I do not know how the girlfriend can say she is offended that he asked for a blow job while they date and suddenly he’s a bad guy, “siger hun under hendes udseende (starter omkring kl 1:06:25 nedenfor).

“I worked with him, I know him. He is the most beautiful, friendliest, sweetest, elegant, best man.” Han er en venlig venlig og professionel. Jeg er fuldstændig rystet af dette, “tilføjer hun.

I januar, den Los Angeles Times published allegations of “unauthorized or sexually exploited behavior” made by five women. En Violet Paley beskyldte ham for at presse hende til at udføre oralsex på ham i en bil i 2016, while they were in a romantic relationship. Francos advokat refused Paleys allegations and called them “inaccurate”, according to Times. De fire andre anklagere var studerende under Franco på en filmskole, han grundlagde. Franco og hans reps have repeatedly denied the accusations, but in the light of them, Franco did not make an appearance for the Oscars this year.

Stone præciserer, på hendes støtte til Franco betyder ikke, at hun ikke støtter #MeToo eller Time’s Up bevægelserne. Mænd “Jeg har ikke lyst til disse forsøg uden passende proces er helt passende,” siger hun. “Jeg føler, at det er hensigtsligtigt, at folk skal tage ansvar for aktionerne, men jeg føler, at en vis hensigtsmæssig proces er i orden.”

In view of a man who forces someone to touch him, is sexual assault, Stone’s definition of what implies sexual harassment at best: “Some men are just incredibly stupid,” she says. “You go out with them, they bring you home to a good night kiss, and they grab your hand and put it on their penis. A 50-year-old man. I do not think they are trying to sexually harass me, I think, They’re just incredible dumb and awkward. Just like real? It’s your step? Please never call me again because you’re too dumb to date. I do not think I should destroy your whole life over it, but I just think , du er utroligt dum. “

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It is not the first time that the actor has talked about sexual harassment and attack publicly.

“I’ve been in this business for 40 years, Lee. Can you imagine the business I entered 40 years ago?” I see from Nowhere, Pennsylvania? I did not come here with any protection, “she said in January, da hun blev spurgt, om hun blev udsat for chikane eller upassende opførsel i løbet af sin karriere. “Jeg har set det hele.”

“We were raised to meet men, especially in my generation, and women often lose their identity to the identity of the man they are with. They even change their way of dressing and what they do to fit the mænd, de har er med, “sagde hun. “Vi begynder at anerkende vores egne gaver som kvinder og ikke tror, ​​at vi skal opføre os som mænd for at være magtfulde eller stærke eller værdifulde.”