Sophia Amoruso på hendes nye bog, Nasty Galaxy, og Gwyneth Paltrows Public Restroom præferencer

Even if you have not jumped on the hashtag band wagons, you’ve probably pronounced the phrase “Girlboss” at least once a year and a half ago Sophia Amoruso introduced her best selling autobiography. Now, Amoruso takes us even further into her stylish world with the release of her second tome, Nasty Galaxy ($ 22; Available today shows the beautiful coffee table some of Amorusos own inspirations, inside pictures of her airy California home and life hacks and advice from women she admires, including Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow. We talked to the Nasty Gal Founder and the managing chairman about what went on in her latest reading and how she redefined the sentence that made her famous.

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What inspired you to make another book, and how is it different form Girlboss?
Girlboss It’s a very personal book that both tells my own story and gives advice to other women. So it was not really a place to bust out and throw away everything that inspires me. My life and my business have developed a lot since I wrote it, and I wanted an opportunity to share my influences. For at fortsætte med at inspirere folk interviewer jeg mange forskellige fantastiske kvinder og deler nogle af mine egne noveller i denne bog.

It also contains incredible portraits and illustrations. How did you decide what to include?
Jeg er en meget visuel person. Thanks to social media, we are all visual people today. Overall, I wanted the book to be super colorful. Jeg indarbejdet Nasty Gal arkivbilleder og billeder af forskellige kvinder fra musikhistorie og filmhistorie, som jeg synes er cool. All these are supplemented with inspirational quotes, how-tos and illustrations for an end result, which I hope feels like a consciousness.

When you talk about how to have sections, you have a favorite advice, as you knew, you had to share with the world?
Jeg har til favoritter: “Sådan kører du som en pige chef” og “Sådan parkerer du som en pige chef.” Så mange mennesker-mænd og Kvinder – Bare nødt til at vide, hvad der står bag ratten. Ingen siger: “Hey guy, did you know you do not have to ride a break so much?” So I’m like the big sister, there’s her to tell you how to find the best parking lot. Det kan måske lyde lidt hardcore og neurotisk-jeg er sådan sommetider. I do not generally tell other people how to do things, but it seems like a fun way to convey knowledge.

Var der tips, du elskede, men måtte skære til rummet?
It’s a big bog – it’s worth four pounds – but there was a lot of editing that had to be done. Til ting, der var nødt til at gå, var listen over gaver, der er virkelig gode ideer og lytte til gaver, there are really bad ideas. Bad ide gaver omfatter kæledyr af enhver art. I’ve got goldfish and I’ve got turtles, but it’s like “Wait, you give me a responsibility? No thanks, I’ve got enough of it.” Chocolate is always a good idea gift.

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There was something surprising that you learned about the celebrities and tasters you interviewed to “Portrait of a Girlboss” sections of the book?
Jeg tror Gwyneth Paltrow er virkelig cool. I wondered what she was excited about when she woke up in the morning, and she said coffee and sex. Indtil nylig forstod jeg ikke rigtig, hvorfor nogen ville vågne op med sex, så det kan være det jeg skriver om i min tredje bog. Jeg spurgte også, om hun bruger offentlige toiletter, fordi det bare syntes sjovt at spørge Gwyneth Paltrow det. Hun gør.

Courtney Love skrev bogen fremad, hvor hun siger, at hun først blev introduceret til dig gennem sin datter. Hvordan føles det, at der er bygget et mærke der appellerer til flere generationer?
Um, det er fantastisk! After I shared my story about how I did not go to college and flailed a little professionally, I met so many women who told me that their mothers were given hope of my story. I was the kid who was scared of the parents, but in the end it rained out. Courtney has always been such a great supporter. She has learned from her own mistakes and she is a living legend. She describes much what my brand is about. There are many people out there who are super stylish and travel the world and are “havehtag blessed”, but there are not many people who wake up with real psyched to be themselves the way she does. Every woman who is featured in this book has that quality, and that’s something I really really admire.