Strand ikon Bo Derek on why one-piece is the sexiest baddrag

To celebrate the summer, we ask the season’s most iconic superstars to share their warm weather. Her makes the former actress and model Bo Derek a suit for one piece of bathing suit.

There is something so timeless, almost mysterious, about a simple nude piece. Some times are covered by more suggestive. Jeg tror, ​​at hvis min karakter i [1979-filmen] 10, Jenny, had båret a red or black bikini, it would have felt too modern to create the feeling of fantasy.

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She should look like a kind of goddess, but in the end it turns out she was a liberated modern woman and not what Dudley Moore’s character occupied by her had expected at all.

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Paul Thurlby

Dos Gardenias badedragt, $ 242;

The style above reminds me of the lovely scoop-nakkepakke that I had throughout the movie. We’ve actually used to different dragons to the part: The first thing that I thought was by Cole or Jantzen, to store swim labels at that time – was lost in production before we shot the scene where I run on the beach, so we måtte erstatte det med en leotard, der lignede hinanden. It was a little more clean and skimpy, but you do what to do, and no one has noticed in all these years!

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Maillots var alle raseri da, men når jeg kontrollerer Instagram nu, stiller mange kvinder stadig søde feriebilleder af samme udseende. I think it’s because the undervalued color is classical and the perfect way to show off your figure.

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