SZA about her first Coachella performance and the best advice she ever had from Rihanna

It’s time before the other weekend in Coachella, and SZA has no idea what to wear. Dette er overraskende for alle, der er bekendt med den St. Louis opdrættede R & B-sangerens varemærke quirky-cool stil, sammensat af oversize jerseys og syre-vaskede rippet denim. Men she tells her that she is not the type to spend a big part of the time to cure a outfit. “Jeg kan ikke lide at shoppe,” siger hun, mens han hurtigt anvender stativer på American Vintage i L.A. “It creates so much anxiety.”

Sandheden is, she could carry a garbage bin and the audience would still be imprisoned by her brutally honest texts and soaring, soothing vowels. Født Solána Imani Rowe (hendes venner kalder hendes “Sosa” for kort), studied 25-year-old Sephora-employee marine biology at college before becoming the first ever female to sign with Top Dawg Entertaininment, home of Kendrick Lamar and Skolepige Q. Nedenfor talte vi med hende om glæderne om sparsommelighed, feminisme og samarbejde med Rihanna Anti.

Når du går sparsommelig, er du en målrettet shopper? Ser du efter noget specifikt?
T-shirts, helt sikkert. Sommerlejre gør gode. bankerne har også seje emblemer. I’ve just got a new nature with otters over it, there’s superbrand. Sprængning føles bare mindre alvorlig.

How has your style evolved over time?
I went through this stage of Spandex, high heels and fur coats when I was my late teens and the beginning of the thieves before then I lived in overall and baggy T-shirts. Now I combine in a comfortable room – if I’m in the mood to wear heels, I’ll wear heels, but I feel as comfortable in Converse.

You told us in May that you used to wear a hijab when you were younger. That’s why you’ve come to embrace your bulky curls?
I have always loved playing with hair. Jeg plejede at have dreads som Lauryn Hill, men min mor ville ikke lade mig. At bære en hijab has never made me feel more conservative – it made me sure. Then after 9/11 I became a joke on the playground, so I stopped wearing it. Kids can be really cruel when you’re the only black girl in your Girl Scout troop.

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SZA - Embed
Johan Sandberg

What is it like to be the only woman on a record label?
I try to represent the ladies, but not necessarily in an obvious way. I do not give anyone a reason to treat me differently: I do not do much, I do not cry a lot – even if it’s human and everyone does – I do not let it be me. Woman or ej, I will never be wasted of energy. You will be able to deepen your purpose. It was always my goal.

“Babylon” indeholder mange dybe sangtekster og bibelske referencer. Hvor finder du inspiration til dine sange?
When I write, it’s as if there is another person who talks to me from my subconscious. When I wrote that song, I had some really frustrating moments of spirituality – my parents gave me the hardest time and felt very disappointed with me. I had interrupted my work, was fired from a strip club, and everyone looked at me as they expected the worst.

Du skrev også med “Overvejelse” til Rihanna’s album, Anti. Har hun givet noget råd om musik biz?
I still have no idea how it happened. I wrote a song and played it for her, and we vibed bare. She is so calm and calm about everything – she definitely made the industry less foreign and alienating. I always look at myself and ask, “How did I get here?” Hun brød virkelig det hul for mig med sin følelse af at vide og være. Det var dope.

Se musikvideoen for “Babylon” ovenfor og køb Z for $ 8 i iTunes Store.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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