There is a really college course at Kanye West politics

Kanye West has made no secret that he is interested in joining politics.

Den “berømte” rapper has proclaimed repeatedly that he plans to lead to president in 2020 and has been more than sincere about his views regarding this presidential election among others.

For those who have been confused by some of the political steps that West has made late, there is a college course that breaks down the blonde-haired music stars ‘ideologies: “Kanye West Politics: Black Genius and Sonic Esthetics” at Washington University.

What concerns the 14-week course will lead to Professor Jeffrey McCune, an Associate Professor in African and African-American Studies and Departments Women, Gender and Sexuality, told tid the lecturers will take everything on from how the West’s influence in hip hop can be used as a vehicle for his infamous Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards skinny moment.

“Jeg vidste, mine elever havde forbindelser til Kanye,” sagde han. “They always refer to his music and performances and videos and mode.” What better time now to take Kanye West seriously as a cultural icon? I’m always interested in how he pushes regardless of limits. “

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Pensumet will also contain topics like “Who is Kanye West and why is he in flashing light?”, “Touch the Sky when Aspirant becomes Genius” as well as “I love Kanye, or how Kritik grinds to hat. “

McCune noted that the course is a “good way to get students to connect questions about politics, race, gender, sexuality and culture” and added that he felt that the timing of the course was relevant as the West influenced pop culture.

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