There is now final proof that the youngest siblings are the rare in the family

Something tells us that there will be much more justice around these holiday tables.

As it turns out to be the youngest in your family, you’re doing more fun. It is according to a YouGov study that found that firstborn siblings feel the weight of responsibility greater than their youngest brothers and sisters, who tend to be more appealing, relaxed and humorous.

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To be exactly 36 percent of the firstborn, they felt like the funniest sib, compared with 46 percent of the lastborn, a group who also felt that they were more likely to be favored by their parents. (Undersøgelsen was based on almost 1,800 British adult siblings who assessed their personality traits with their sisters and brothers.)

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Mens undersøgelsen også syntes at være sidste født lænende, there was a bit of positivity found for firstborn as well. As older children have had more time to “move on in life,” they are also more likely to be successful than their older siblings.

As new children come into the family, firstborns often find out for themselves, suggested the study, which leads to making them feel more organized and able to prioritize their own lives.

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Alligevel har nogle af vores yndlingsfamiliesøskende som Solange og Beyoncé, og Gigi og Bella Hadid, bevist at deres kan være stærke, uafhængige og magtfulde, selvom de ældre søskende i blandingen opnår fame først.

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