Vi er The Millers Out i dag: Jennifer Aniston og Cast On Her Big Stripper Dance Scene

Som stripper Rose jeg komedien Vi er Millers (out today), even experienced film teacher Jennifer Aniston was not immune to some stage of scare at the set. Skuespilleren der skød en dampende dansscene, donated journalists in the New York premier last Thursday that “learning choreography was really fun and going on the set was a whole different story. I was like:” oh gh, there are cameras, there are people, there are you crew members! “” Still she rocked the number if her cast – including Jason Sudeikis and Kathryn Hahn – had something to say about it. “Det er let i top 100,” sagde Sudeikis om, hvor hendes præstationer var placeret i hans karriere højdepunkter. “Hun gjorde hende passende forskning, og jeg synes det virkelig viser!” Hahn tilføjede. Vi er Millers focuses on småbyhandler David Burkes (Sudeikis) travel with his fake family (Aniston with Emma Roberts and Will Poulter as the couple’s children) to smuggle the supplier’s latest shipment across the border. The set was full of laughs, and Poulter raved over, at his predecessor parents, were major role models. “They are so experienced, and they are so good people. I learned a lot of them!” Capt Vi er Millers jeg teatre nu.

Plus, se Jennifer Anistons bedste udseende nogensinde!

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– Alyssa Bailey

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