Vi prøvede det: One Direction’s Makeup Palette er overraskende slidstærkt

Takket være deres succesfulde vifte af smag, gør One Direction’s boys sikkert et navn i skønhedsverdenen, og deres tilstedeværelse fortsætter kun med at vokse med lanceringen af ​​deres egen farvekosmetik. Vi spurgte Assistentredaktør Marianne Mychaskiw for at prøve sminkepaletterne og rapportere om det, hun troede.

Da jeg hørte drengene i One Direction lancerede sminkepaletter, var jeg naturligvis fascineret. Sure, I could get behind their scent, but what did they do? really vide om makeup? As a result, they have three group palettes ($ 30 each; and one version with limited edition with a picture of your favorite boy who adorns the front ($ 25 each;

Nu, en ivrig Directioner, jeg er ikke — of course I think their music is so fun and can not help singing (read: screaming) with the lyrics when “What makes you Beautiful” comes on the radio, but I can not say that I have ever read any One Direction fan fiction or posted an auction on an eBay auction for something that may or may not even belong to Harry Styles. Forestil dig min overraskelse, when one of the limited edition palettes came over my desk, and the colors were actually pretty stylish. I do not play favorites or anything but … I went with the Zayn palette.

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At first glance, the palette looked more like the starter packs, I used to buy back on the day at Claire so I did not expect to like the shadows, lipstick and eyeliner as much as I did, although silver glitter lip gloss gave me a slight decline to the regrettable sene 90’ers makeup valg, jeg plejede at rocke. I did not get a chance to take the nail colors on a test run, but I was able to put together two looks that spread more towards trendy than teenybopper. For journalistic integrity, I only used the tools that were included in the kit — a small lip brush, and a double-ended sponge shadow applicator, which I would usually throw out for a mixture size. Fortsæt med at læse for at se, hvordan produktene gik, og hvis du er så tilbøjelig til at genskabe udseendet på dig selv.

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en Direction Makeup
Sarah Balch for

Det første udseende er et simpelt katteøje parret med en fed pink læbe. Try your hand on the effect by tracking your upper lash line with the black gel pencil, then add a dramatic wing at the end. I used the sponge applicator to clean up any dirt, and then picked up the brush brush to apply the warm pink shine. If you prefer your lip on the clean side, push the gloss on your finger, but using the brush gives a more opaque finish that is more threatening to the color of the forehead. Ikke en fan af neonrosa? This step can easily be subtuted with toned-down berry shadow, but I thought it would be more beautiful repurposed like a cream blush, which is exactly what I did. I layed my finger in the panden and blended the gloss of my cheeks on the apples.

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en Direction Makeup
Sarah Balch for

I’m all about a dristigt eye, so this smoky look and naked lips are much closer to what I really want — maybe not to work, but definitely for an evening. Til at begynde med tog jeg den sorte eyeliner blyant og smudrede det hele over min låg som en base. Gelformlen gave shadows a place to adhere, and really made the colors pop. Selvom metalliske skygger ser lidt ud also metallic at first glance, when you sweep the glittering top layer, the effect is much more subtle. Jeg brugte den grå-sølv tone direkte på toppen af ​​liner basen, så skulptureret ud min crease med den chokoladebrune skygge. Med den svampetippede applikator, I dropped the black shadow into my outermost corners and then returned to the gray color to blend it out. For at færdiggøre, løb jeg rosen guld-taupe farven lige over min crease for at diffusere farven og sløre eventuelle barske linjer. There is no eye left without a naked limb, like a last hand I clenched the lip brush in the thin gold gloss and applied a layer.

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