Vil der nogensinde være et Newsroom-film? Emily Mortimer vejer ind

It has been years since the season finals The Newsroom, Mænd vi sørger stadig tabet. Aaron Sorkins HBO politiske drama, som stjernede Emily Mortimer som en brændende producent og Jeff Daniels som en anker, fulgte bag scener happenings på en fiktiv kabel nyhed station og rørt på reelle nyheder begivenheder, herunder Boston marathon bombings og mord på Osama bin Laden. Så da vi for nylig talte med Mortimer for Med stils september nummer, vi reminisced om showet og dens pertinence i dag.

“Som publikum, I want to know what Aaron has to say about what’s going on in the world right now,” she said on a recent morning on our photo shoot of a lake in South Salem, NY. “That was what was so brilliant at have ham skrive det show-it was an amazing service to have someone interpret this country’s latest story for us and remind us of it in a way that gives you such a perspective on where we are in the world. “

We should originally talk to Mortimer in London – the same weekend voted British citizens to leave the European Union – before her schedule suddenly changed. “It’s so easy to live your life without stopping to look at what’s going on, and something happens like Brexit, and you think, Åh Gud. It is at this moment where you suddenly get a sense of perspective of what is happening in the world and how it’s all connected. Men it takes something big to happen to stop living your life and get engaged. Jeg savner det [The Newsroom] som ser mere end noget andet. “

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Så er en filmtilpasning en mulighed? “The problem is that the film takes so long to make it – it was perfect for a TV show because there was such a quick cover,” she said, adding: “If he focused on a big story, yes, but that would be less about the news and more about the drama between the people. He should make a choice especially! “Hillary v. Trump? We would lie if we said that we would definitely not set it.