What Neil Patrick Harris tells his children to say to heads at school

Neil Patrick Harris familie kan lide jordnøddesmør.

Maybe you’re not the opening statement, you expected to read, but it’s all about the actor’s daily life, as he and husband David Burtka raise their 7 year old twins, Gideon and Harper. It’s also a part of the reason Med stil satte sig med ham på en komedie begivenhed fejrer Jif Power Ups. Harris grew up in New Mexico with Jif peanut butter in the house, so he was obviously pretty psyched about it.

Before any snacking took place, Harris became honest about snack time with children how he addressed bullying as a parent and what it was really May like watching her twins go on a tv show.

Børn elsker jordnøddesmør, so I can see why you like it too.

Jif fits our world and seemed like a nice fun thing to discuss in a world where fun things to discuss are few and far between, at times. Jeg ender med at spise on-go et ton, børn eller ingen børn, og så snacks har været en vigtig del af mit egentlige kosteliv. Our children have a remarkably deep and adventurous palette.

Det er sjældent.

Det er sjældent. They have opinions about what they are like, we not only give them the same chicken nuggets all the time. De vil spise østers og sushi, escargot. De kan lide skøre ting.

What kind of snack time do you have encountered with your children, so if they are not sensitive?

I think, at I’ve found that children want to do the same as their friends do. They come in second class when school starts again so they will all like to do the same things. It has been a conversation with them a lot about being proud of their independence. Jeg gale taler betyder det at værdsætte deres egne paletter og ikke behøver at spise kun pasta med lør sauce because that’s what their friends are eating but instead of trying to encourage their friends to be impressed that they are eating different things.

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How else do you learn your children’s independence in general?

I think at communicating as much as possible. At have space and freedom to know that what they say will be ok. It can be challenged, but it will still be honored, and to take the most with a potential grain of comic salt. It’s wild – and it’s understandable, I think it’s human nature – for children to point out differences in each other at school, but it can lead to bullying. And then our children come home and say, “Then and say that my haircut is ugly,” or “My hair clips are too short” and I can see that it would affect them. I tell you that you have the power to process this information, but you choose. Do you like your hair length? De vil sige ja. Så siger jeg: “Well, if somebody says they do not like your haircut, say,” Oh Pete, you’re so crazy. “” It’s up to you to decide how affected you are what people say if they say things about you. I think communication is the key. Talking it out and not getting so affected by it all.

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Hvilken lektion at lære dem. What is something that your children have recently learned?

Dagen rips så hurtigt, og der er ikke nok timer til at få alt gjort, så jeg er klar over, at which point I can be more conscientious about how much I can commit. Fordi if they ask me if they want to play this board game, I will of course play board games, but then we stop doing something else and then we go to bed and say, “Dad, we never played board games.” And I feel forfærdeligt fordi jeg sagde at vi ville spille brætspil, we just ended up doing something else instead. So I must mark how I communicate and the words I use for them because I do not want to overcommit.

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Det giver mening. You jonglere så mange projekter som Genius Junior og En række uheldige begivenheder, på toppen af ​​at være en far. How do you avoid taking too much while you control what you have on your plate?

There has been a lot. Men som skuespillere arbejder hårdt på at arbejde meget, så du skal træffe beslut og faktor i, hvad er vigtigt for dig. Time with my family is super important, and the quality of our lives, their lives and their future is super important. So it’s about finding out how to balance it. I can sleep when they are in college.

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Gideon og Harper var jeg en scene i DA Serie of unfortunate events. What was it like to have them on set?

Det var super sjovt; they were part of the family. De kender casten, we have used New Year with Barry Sonnenfeld and his wife, and it was so fun for them that for a moment be in the show’s DNA. We found a very simple scene where they each got a few lines, and David was their parent too. It was fun for me in a timely manner, in an Alfred Hitchcock way, not in a “I want you to start doing it all the time”. Det er deres beslutning at lave.

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