You’ve got to see what Brie Larson looks like red-haired

Brie Larson har officielt tiltrådt rækken af ​​Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard og Rihanna omkring 2011 som en af ​​Hollywoods hotteste redheads. I went to the actor spotted and left the salon in Los Angeles, who worked with a crowded shadow of copper. Larson has forever between brunette and blonde in the past, herself goes entirely on platinum back in 2006, but auburn is a brand new look for the star. In the same way as Christina Hendricks, the effect looks as good as we would sværge she was born reddish No word yet if the change came into play or not, but we feel it somehow. Look at Larson’s red hair in our gallery, and check out more celebrity of hair in 2016!

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