Zayn Malik reveals his and Gigi’s sweet nickname

I interviewed that was published this weekend, Zayn Malik was really involved The Sunday Times Style, opens for everything from his fight with fear and an eating disorder to his lovely relationship with Gigi Hadid – right down to the special nicknames they have for each other.

“Jeg kalder hendes Gee, hun kalder mig Zee,” Malik avslørede: “There are also some other nicknames, but I keep them private.” (We found out last week, thanks to Gigi’s video interview of “Zee”, that they will also call each other “baby.” He also talked about a full plot he cooked to surprise his beloved while she was in Paris for Fashion Week. “She did not know I was on my way,” he said. “I went up to the suite to knock on the door … But my number had been changed to European on his phone so it was not very surprising Til sidst spillede hun sammen med det. “

VIDEO: Gigi Hadid og Zayn Malik skøneste par øjeblikke


On a mere serious note, in the same sit-down, Zayn confirmed that he is in a much better place emotionally than when separated by One Direction in 2015. “I have now no problem with fear,” explained Malik. “There was something I had to do with the band.”

Sangerens offentlige kendskab til hans psykiske problemer har tydeligt hjulpet en masse fans til at møde deres eget dæmoner. Folk så styrke i det, og de syntes ikke at forvente det fra en fyr, men de forventer det fra en kvinde, jeg er skør. We are all people. People are often afraid to admit difficulties, but I do not believe in at there must be a struggle with something that is the truth. “

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Godt sagt, Zee.

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