Zoë Kravitz Par en Dinosaur-Smykket Træningstrøje med Itty-Bitty Shorts

The ladies who participated in Coach’s sixth annual celebration on New York’s High Line last week hit every sartorial spike on the head, but a beauty and fan of the brand – should have been there: Zoë Kravitz.

On Monday in New York, the 27-year-old actress and former Balenciaga campaigners walked the streets of one of the brand’s lovely dinosaur motive sweater ($ 695; coach.com) alongside at first sight not much else. Yes, the pullover and its colorful caricature would have landed Kravitz on the best-dressed list on the above-mentioned party, but she put it off-duty look with a few pairs of shirts that hit just under the shirt.

For at færdiggøre udseendet rockede hun retro gule sunglasses, en dame-lignende tote og åbne-tå-svarte sandaler. Stjernen has previously demonstrated that she marches to her own drums and of course shepherds, like the Canadian smoking, for example with flair.

FOTOS: Zoë Kravitzs røde tæppe stil

Komfort og sjov var klart prioriteret her.

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