Se 2016 US Men’s Olympic Swim Team i deres Shirtless Glory

Olympiske Men's Swim Team - LEAD
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Lindsay Dolak

20. juli 2016 @ 12:00

The OL is over us and hundreds of lucky athletes have been officially selected to represent Team USA in Rio this summer. Of course, it includes the men’s swimming team, which filled its 25-spot roster with a swoonworthy bunke of swømmere. Ikke vi er overraskede. Med veteraner and fan-favorites Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte return to compete this year, the team was already quite stacked with regard to talent and appearance. Men there are a new crop of boys who also go to the gold this year and we are here to appreciate all their hard abs … whoops, work, all their hard work!

Bliv rullet til at sætte ansigter (og shirtløse kroppe) til navnene på amerikanske mænds olympiske svømmehold og se dem alle svømme for sejren i august.