10 neglelak, der gør dine negle sundere

Søm Kale Nail Polish

Marianne Mychaskiw

3. maj 2018 @ 9:30
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Some of the best things in life consist of combinations that work so well together, we could not imagine a world without them. Sammenføjning af rækken af ​​bacon cheeseburgers, chokolade-jordnøddesmør kopper og tonede moisturizer er vores nyeste besættelse-søm lakker infunderes med behandlinger.

Overvej dem at være neglebehandling med et dagjob. While the formulas focus on the health of your nails, which means they only continue to improve, the more you use them. They are made with ingredients to nourish and strengthen your nails, making your manicure look better in the long run. Hendes valgte vi 10 af de største hits til at håndtere nu. 

VIDEO: En af disse $ 3 Lip Balms sælges hver anden over hele verden

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