11 Celebrities who became right about their acne fighting

Lester Cohen / Getty billeder

Victoria Moorhouse

13. marts 2018 kl. 12.30

Berømtheder er mennesker … mennesker … væsener med samme mængde kromosomer som dig. It means they deal with skin problems like acne and annoying, random breakouts, and they want to know you about it.

Whether it’s through a highly reliable sitcreme selfie or a tell-all interview, these celebrities are down to normalize a skin concern that is very good, normal, and may be due to an abundance of different things, from stress to menstrual period to andre medicinske problemer eller sygdomme. Hvis du nogensinde har kæmpet breakouts, you know it can be difficult to handle, and honest revelations help you feel that you are not alone (because FYI, you’re not sure) and form a support system.

Hendes afrundede vi 11 berømtheder, fra Kendall Jenner til Chrissy Teigen, der har åbnet om deres hud.

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