5 måder Argan Oil kan drage fordel af din skønhed rutine

Argan Oil - Lead
Hilsen (5); Getty Images

Marianne Mychaskiw

27. januar 2016 @ 16:00

Arganolie calls “floating guld” i skønhedsverdenen for a reason – the ingredient does almost everything (except the dishes, not what we have tried or something …) and the moisture it supplies is unparalleled. Endnu bedre er arganolie den ultimative mix-master. If your deep balsam or facial moisturizer just does not deliver that hydration, it used to add a few drops of argan oil, mix well and apply liberally. Olien is so versatile, it can be incorporated in literally every step of your beauty regime, so we put together a guide to where you can include the argan in your routine and our favorite products to do it. From skin and hair, to yourself your eye makeup and nail products, read to get all the details.

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