5 solcreme du kan faktisk bære under makeup

Solcreme Makeup
Ophavsret 2018 Marija Savic / Stocksy

Erin Lukas

23. juli 2018 @ 9:00
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I know how important it is to have sunscreen every day. Countless dermatologists, beauty workers and even my mother have all rated me to prioritize SPF to protect against skin cancer and premature signs of aging. 

The reason why I have been neglected is that most sunscreen I have tried does not mix well with makeup. The lotions are either too fat (so my concealer), or are heavy, thick and leave a white mold that makes my foundation look as if it is the wrong shadow. Ja, hoppe over fundament eller concealer er en nem løsning, men efter at have kampet med hormonel acne i nogle år har jeg mørke pletter, som jeg vil dække. 

After a lot of trying and mistakes, I have landed on a handful of sunscreen in the face that gets clear and so easy, I do not feel like I have an extra layer under my makeup. 

Every excuse that I have ever made for not wearing SPF has now been canceled thanks to the following five-faced sunshades. 

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