6 Anti-Aging Facial Oils ved bekæmpe fine linjer og rynker

Anti aldring Oil - LEAD

Victoria Moorhouse

Okt 09, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
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Serum stjæler normalt spotlys i den anti-aging hudpleje scene, men din ansigtsolie kan være lige så fyldt med næringsstoffer, antioxidanter og andre ingredienser, som afviger fine linjer og rynker og forsinker andre tegn på aldring. Good news to all who prefer to use an oil like their daily and nighttime moisturizer over something with a cream or lotion consistency. In fact, it’s a category that only grows – just this year, Elemis expanded its beloved Marine Collagen line with an oil made with pliers to lump and hydrate.

It’s just the start of it, so keep rolling to check out a few new and editor-approved skin-loving buyer.

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